My favourite games of 2019

Now I know everyone is saying there game of the year etc etc. But I play so many games and on different consoles that I couldnt pick my ulimate. But because I have played a fair few games this year some that are my usual type and some surprises as well. It has definently been an amazing year for games and there are some I still haven’t played yet due to Christmas and have to wait till the big guy arrives. So here is a list of my favourite games of 2019.

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Devil May Cry 5

Now this was a game I really really enjoyed hadn’t really played any of the others, I was really interested in the story and gameplay and it doesn’t dissapoint at all I love it. The action in this game is amazing, so much fun kicking ass and wanting to get every fight the SSS ranking. It was great that get to play as each of the main male leads, and they all play differently so it adds a challenge, as each fight will be different challenge each time. Kick ass and baddass game. LOVE IT

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Resident Evil 2 Remake

Now I am not huge fan of the horror genre, but I do love the story telling in Resident evil games. I have finally played a horror game for the first time ever. This game is amazing its got amazing graphics a burger never looked so good. The lickers look so much more scary than the orinigals, Mr X well he is just so scary. But I loved it , massive surprise for me one for actually playing and finishing a horror game. The story and gameplay I loved it, and what I loved more is that even seasoned gamers of the series couldn’t have an advantage, as everything change so it puts everyone in the same box. LOVE LOVE. (check out twitch for the playthrough)

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Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Now again I am not the biggest Zelda fan only played one more game before this one. This was a little surprise to me as I really enjoyed it, the graphics super cute, but don’t let this fool you as its challenging and reminds me off older games like Tomb Raider where you have no idea what to do and you have to explore and find things on your own. I actually finished this as well, so much fun and can finally say I completed my first Zelda game as well. Hopefully tackle so more. TOO CUTE.

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Astral Chain

This was something I was so looking forward to, as this was made by the same people who made Bayonetta which I love… Still waiting for Bayonetta 3. Anyways, I like this game and the detective feel to it as well, as you have to hunt for clues to crimes and use your many legions at your command. I love the hack and slash feel to it and the gameplay is fun as well. So many skills and combos to learn its amazing. Its nice to play a game about saving people and wanting to do.

Image result for bloodstained ritual of the night

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

This is a strange game, but I have never played a castlevaina in my life and I didnt know what to expect. I really liked the style of the game and there is much to do in this. Its amazing, it offers depth as there are hidden things and has so much to replay as there are a few endings in this game as well and can only unlock by findind certain things and areas. The story is cool, and was great to play over halloween as well. It stylish and cool edge to it as well. Many hours put into this game.

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I loved it LOVE the remake of a classic game, so much fun and had so much fun gettting back into this game learning that boosting is your best friend. I loved you can finally play with people online and oh my word there are so many people good at this game and I still haven’t finished in first yet online. Another thing I love about it is the Grand Prix events they run so you can unlock different characters or costumes, but they create track specfic for that event and everyone gets and its ace because are never played before tracks. Love Crash anyways, but this a little bit of pocket rocket fun.

These are my favourite games of 2019 I haven’t included things like Persona etc just because I am only just discovering for myself, and they weren’t released in 2019. I am sorry Pokemon or Star Wars aren’t here because I have asked for these Christmas and haven’t played them.

But what games are your favourite of 2019 tweet us or leave a comment.

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