Tomb Raider 2 – retro review

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Lara is back and bigger than ever, this time searching for the Dagger of Xian. She begins her search in mainland China on the Great Wall, and takes her through the canals of Venice and beyond. This time we can explore outside locations than being inside and tombs. This gives the game a brilliant fresh new feeling to it, and adds tremendously to the game play.

Puzzles are definitely more challenging than before and not as obvious, and they really require a lot of definite backtracking and exploration to figure out. Which is great and means you get more time to spend with Lara.  This time out we have more gun-toting humans who are significantly harder to kill than the wolves from before, plus we have more variety of enemies. However to help with this you get more ammo bigger guns and more medipacks than before to help you, as I am not going to lie this game is much harder than the first. One feature I was so happy with this game was that, you can save any time in the game no need for save crystals you have a little passport to save in. I am very thankful for this feature as I was saving every 5 mins.

Lara herself has had some upgrade too she has new moves, which helps to develop and deepen the game-play and again makes it better than the first. She can climb certain walls/ladders and now, drive vehicles. These features and improvements play into the levels, and require you to take them into account beyond just the opening of walls and doors, of which there are plenty.

I loved the first Tomb Raider, you’re going to love Tomb Raider 2. The level of challenge is there, as well as a host of new elements. its great more things to see and explore than before, also more ways for Lara to die from swinging boxes to being shot by a hit-man. Tomb Raider 2 is very hard, but when you get past parts you feel like its an achievement. I love it because I get frustrated but I love solving puzzles.

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