Super Luckys Tale- initial thoughts

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Well black Friday for games has got me again, Steam instant gaming and the PlayStation store have had money of me at bargain prices. I wanted something a little lighthearted easy going for a game before Christmas. Now i had seen this game before and couldn’t make my mind up as you guys know I love cute characters and cute things etc.

So I have started a little play through and its so nice brings back memories of playing Spyro for the first time again. This game is super charming, beautiful, super fun 3d platformer and I am enjoying every second of it, love collecting things at the moment and figuring out little puzzle. Its a nice game. Its a delight to play something so cute and fun for a change and makes a little change from the serious gaming stories, plus who doesn’t love a fox in a cape. So far so good enjoying and I know its aimed at kids, but my god I couldn’t resist.

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