Pokemon Silver/ Gold retro review

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I haven’t done a Retro review in a while and wanted to another of my favourite Pokemon Games, seen as the new one I am waiting so hard for as its on my Christmas, and have been told don’t buy it wait. So i went back and did a retro review on Pokemon before but on the orinigal bad boys Red/Blue. I wanted to do a follow up and follow on with Silver/gold (Silver my favourite!!!)

Basically the story is kinda similar to the first as you go on your journey collecting all the Pokemon and becoming the next Pokemon champion. There’s so much thought and time required, as you have to think of so many strategies in this game than before, there is so much to do and explore .If you really thought Pokémon Red/Blue stole away your gaming schedule, think again.

New features for this games:

  • New items including the Pokegear
  • Real-time RPG using internal clock
  • 100 new Pokemon

Both versions are exactly the same in every way, except for the character images during battles, and the characters that can be caught in the wild, as we have come to learn each game as ‘exclusive’ Pokemon, which again makes you need to be able to trade with other players, to complete your Pokedex.

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Pokémon Gold/Silver there are 251 different species to collect. The Pocket monsters, hide in the game, waiting to be caught by you and then trained. You catch these Pokemon, with the use of items called Pokéballs, you can trap wild Pokémon and bring them to your side. All the Pokémon you find and capture has its own strengths, weaknesses, as well as defensive and offensive attacks, and the more they fight for you, the stronger they get in battles, and the more you use them the more friendly they become towards you. There are some special Pokemon which are more rarer to find, only showing up in different locations and at different times of the day which I thought was great in the game as it links to the clock so you have morning, day and night and certain Pokemon only appear depending on the time of day. Catching the Pokemon isn’t an easy task some are easier than others so, it’s up to your skill and logic to figure out how to catch ’em all. Strategy plays a huge part in this game, which means it isnt just for kids its for all ages.

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In these versions, we finally have colour and it makes the game so much more vibrant to play and great improvement on the graphics, so no more washed out graphics. We are more details on the Pokemon than ever before and we have detailed animations and special effects during special moves. This game allowed items to be attached to the Select Button (like a bicycle for faster movement), special Pokémon HM moves (like Flash, Headbutt, or Cut) can be performed automatically without a menu selection. Which I didn’t realise we needed but going back and playing Red it is very time consuming going through a fair few menus.

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They even went no to  integrate the original version with Gold and Silver so you can trade creatures you’ve earned from Red/Blue/Yellow into this game, but not right away they didn’t make it that easy. The designers made sure that gamers don’t cheat by dropping a powerful, low-level Pokémon from Red/Blue/Yellow into Gold/Silver, so Gold/Silver has a lock on that trading feature until the player reaches a certain point in the game. Which is great so all those hours of leveling up your Pokemon in Red/Blue you can take them with you.

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Game Freak have tweaked and build upon the originals and built a sequel that’s long, challenging and tremendous fun to play. There’s a reason why Pokemon is so popular. I love these games Silver was my favourite after Red I just loved it brought everything together and moved it on, I know I am slightly bias as I am huge Pokemon fan. What is even better now you can now replay these games on your 3DS.

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