Alice madness returns – Initial thoughts

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Why have I not heard anything about this game before, love Alice in wonderland and love the twisted nature of the story as well. Plus love a female lead as well and exploring wonderland.

So at the moment I am on a buying games ban of sorts even though I brought this one, it wasnt on the christmas list and easier for me to get hold of to be honest. It was recommended by my other half actually as he had the 360 version of the game. He said I would love it dark, magical and a little bit strange, so he thought of me.

So I thought okay we will give this a go before Christmas to keep in my gaming, and I love trying different games anyway. I have to say I am loving the game. I love how its kinda mixes hack and slash battle combat with platforming, and puzzle solving as well. I love it. It is so much fun and reminds me of Tim Burton’s Alice in wonderland, but with a steampunk gore feel to it. Wonderland is beautifully scary.

I am hooked I have just completed chapter 2 and you are learning more about Alice outside of wonderland as well in a dull,dark and industrial times. It is real escapism for you as a player and Alice herself. I love how there are secrets and things to collect in each chapter as well. Similar to like Spyro etc.

So far so good I am enjoying this game its so much fun, and I love Alice in wonderland anyway, I love it more with this steampunk mystical twist. It is so addictive and its hard to find all the hidden collectables. I can’t wait to play even more. Highly recommend playing, still can’t believe I am late to the tea party with this one.

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