Christmas list 2019

Star Wars the fallen order

It is definitely on the list love the look of the game and also massive Star Wars fan and my fingers crossed for this one. I am excited by the game because of it having a single player story finally again to get to grips with, I loved battlefield don’t get me wrong but it was like the originals. I want a story, so hopefully this will deliver and it’s on the Christmas list this year.

Pokemon Sword/Shield

Now you guys know I am huge Pokemon fan, super excited to see another entry in the series, with new Pokemon as well. I want a Wooloo they are just adorable. I don’t know which copy I want I would be happy with either copy, I am swaying towards shield just because that have ponyta Galar form and it looks like a unicorn. I just cute little unicorns. Super excited to see the new entry and especially new entry on the switch definitely one I want for Christmas.

The Outer Worlds

I have heard and seen good things about this game, something about this game I am drawn too. I have never played a fallout game so I was hoping to try something similar and this seems like a lot of fun. Someone from work has been playing it and has been talking to me about and seem like something different I want to try. It’s on the list.

Digimon- switch edition

I have played a little of the first and I remember digimon watching it on a school night I loved it. I like both Pokemon and digimon. So i would love to continue the series on the switch with both games. I want my favourites angewomon and gatamon I love these so much, but obviously see all the digimon I can get. So I really want to finish what I started just because it brings back childhood memories for me.

Aladdin and The Lion King classic game

Speaking of childhood the Lion King was and still is my favourite childhood film. I have played a bit of both games on the mega drive I just love them. So I would love to get the remastered updated versions of both games.I want the switch version of this one as I feel it will best suit that system better.

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