My top 5 scary characters

Now I have played many games as you guys well know and scary games are not my forte, even though I did do a complete play through of the resident evil 2 remake, which you can check out on our twitch page.

Anyways, there have been characters that have scared me to my core and they aren’t from scary games as would normally say are scary, these are some scary characters that stuck me either as a kid or an adult, and that still kinda scare me still now. This isn’t an actual order it’s just the top 5 that scare me,seen as it’s Halloween.

1. berserker gears of war 1

This guy oh my god when I first encountered him I literally pooped my pants, the first time you meet him it’s super eerie and scary. The sound effects it makes are scary too, me and sister pretty much play all of the gears games but be rarely revisit the first one because of this bad ass, it still scares me and gets my heart racing against him. I have done it a few times, but still scares me now especially his first outing the gears series. It makes it worse that you have use yourself as bait as he can’t see see you but can hear and smell you, which is pretty scary anyways.

2. Lickers Resident evil 2 remake

Now I know this game is scary, super scary, but these guys add to the scary atmosphere and if you visit out twitch page you will see how scared I was of these guys. You think the handy little note, that is left for you about if you walk quietly and don’t make much noise will help you get pass them, firstly it does for a while, but my god I had no luck with these guys they were always that close I couldn’t help get noticed by them. The horrible noise they make doesn’t help either it’s scary, and you find yourself playing this and all of a sudden you start whispering stuff and breathing very quietly, as you think they can hear you through the screen. These guess are super scary and hard to kill as well, so all I say RUN!!

3 Redead Zelda ocarina of time

Now as you guys know I have tweeted about it I haven’t really had any luck with any Zelda game, but I did have Zelda ocarina if time. Now there was a certain area you go down and it’s grave, and bare in mind I was only young when I played this. These guys scared me to death, the noise was the scariest bit of these guys, it was scared me so much to stop playing and even when I got the remake for my 3DS I avoided them like the plague, so scary especially when I was younger. The face as well the dead black eyes didn’t help either.

4. Rose Bioshock

Again, this game is a scary game, and I did actually have this one but was quickly donated to my Dad, as the introduction scared me to my core especially as I started this game at night of my birthday and everything was going okay.Until rose comes out of nowhere kills some dude and then comes at you whilst you are in your little travel pod thing. This is when stopped playing the game turned my 360 off and left the controller.She was so scary and I have never revisited this game or series because of her, she has a creepy voice and her walk and how quick she is scared the crap out of me. Bioshock is still a no no.

5. Regenerator /iron maiden Resident evil 4

I do like resident evil games, even though I have only played one, the remake. But my other half has played them all, and I have watched him play them, resident evil 4 I do really enjoy. However this bit scared both of us, these are super scary, there location in the lab is scary in itself. But what gets me is the heavy breathing and snarling which makes them ultra scary, even the slow speed makes them scary, as you have to be quick to take out there weak parts. The iron maiden version is scary as well as it’s instant death if it’s gets to close so you have to be in your toes with them. The graphics of them make them scary as well, the teeth and the evil eyes, gives me shivers now, and again another reason I have played this game myself, because of the scary ass dudes, because all you can hear is them, there is no real sound track, it’s super eerie.

Honourable mention – scarecrow Batman Asylum

Now it’s not the actual character in the game that is particularly scary, it’s his scenes he creates for batman, like the scene in the morgue and the dead bodies of his parents in body bags, and all the shutter doors creates a very scary atmosphere and you instantly become on edge with the scenes her creates for Batman in the game, I found them really scary.

So there you go a quick run down of my scary characters I have come across in my years of gaming. What do you think who do you think is scary, let us know I’m tweets or comment below.

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