Bloodstained Ritual of the night- Review

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Now as in previous posts I am very very new to the castlevania series,I have heard of them etc. Especially symphony of the night. Now I saw the game all over social media and I know it is a kick starter funded game created by Koji Igarashi, Symphony of the Night co-director. It has been hugely popular, and I found myself enjoying this game the creepy and the cheeseyness of this game too. This review is by someone who never played castlevania, however it had perked my interest in that series as well.

The game starts with background on the main lead Miriam.  She is a woman who, through many alchemical experiments, she became a shardbinder(part human, part crystal), which means she capable of wielding many powers of demons she kills, as absorbs the crystal shards they leave behind when slain. However, with great power comes great cost as the more shards she collects, the less human she becomes. Following a disaster at the beginning of the game told through pictures and narration, Miriam awakens from a 10 year slumber, to learn that she is one of two shardbinders left. The other shardbinder is her friend Gebel, who is now leading a demon invasion of Earth. To that end, he has summoned a demonic castle from which he will wage a war against humanity and challenges Miriam to enter it and stop him.

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From the beginning, it teaches players the very basics and does first introduce you to the game’s small cast of characters. You are then free to look around and explore on your hunt for Gebel. However, you start to immediately notice that there are places andplatforms you can’t quite reach or explore, doors you cannot yet open, and obstructions you cannot remove, shunting you back for another lap through the maze-like castle until you find the ability or key that lets you clear the obstacle you saw before. usuakly by taking on bosses to collect there shards etc. This is one of the main points of them game though as you are meant to go back and forth between areas, I am so glad you do have fast travel which you discover normally a green room on the map where you can easily transport yourself to other green rooms.

I love the shard system as you have different types, ones that can increase your attack or one that turns you into the actual enemy you have defeated. My favourite shard is True arrow though as you can attack enemies from far away, which helps when they are multiple in an area. Miriam’s shard collection is full of either a new active or passive ability. Most abilities let you replicate the basic attacks of the enemies. Some shards boost your proficiency with a weapon, or buff stats like strength or luck. Others allow you to summon a familiar that can attack foes and occasionally defend you as well. My favourite familiar is the knight, and these guys can pack a punch and over time like Miriam level up as well.

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The wealth of shards in Bloodstained, is unbelievable and the amount of weapons available to you is amazing so much to try out and play with. Some of the many weapons have their own unique special attacks that can be performed with the right button input allows for endless experimentation, to the point where it’s almost a detriment. I love this because you have endless fun and leveling up, but also it allows for massive replay value as well. So much to experiment with and combos to try. Experimentation feels key to this game and for tougher foes, where tougher foes make builds matter more and new strategies mean the difference between progress and frustration. I have faced a few bosses but Bloodless the vampire is driving me insane at the moment.

Exploring the castle’s many secrets is a delight, and there is a dizzying array of weapons and powers waiting to be bent to your will.Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a whole new castle to crash full of unexpected monsters and mysteries

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Overall I love this game, the art style is great, the experimenting and thinking of new ways to defeat bosses of enemies in general is so much fun, I am still playing now and leveling Miriam up, and I feel that its so entertaining and completely different game for me to play, and maybe thats why I have fallen for it. Its a haunted castle with so much fun.\

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