Zelda: Link’s awakening review

I just love the look so adorable

Well as you guys know and I have tweeted about it a lot I have never finished a Zelda game and I remember playing the N64 oracina of time when I was a lot younger and that game was hard and I remember it being scary as well, I wasn’t use to the open world of games really. I wanted to break this and complete a Zelda game and when I first saw this, I was blown away by the graphics etc, and I didn’t know it was a remake until further down the line. So I never played the game boy version of the game. I am glad in a way I have enjoyed exploring and finding things.

The story of Link’s Awakening, is we see Link washed up on shore of Koholint Island a mysterious little island, and he is tasked with gathering eight magical musical instruments to awaken the Wind Fish so you can return home.

Throughout this game levels are actually dungeons, and through some research about the original game, it kinda includes the 2D formula of the dungeons. You enter dungeon, find item that then unlocks path to next dungeon, rinse, repeat. This means this game, is kinda a mini open world, the design of which is brilliant as it means there are so many secrets packed away. Which is great because through playing I realised you have to do a lot of back-tracking, and you become very grateful of the fast tracking system you do eventually unlock, it becomes your new best friend. As you as trek a path for the fifth time, that now you can pick up that boulder that you couldn’t before because you needed to unlock certain skills or equipment and see what’s underneath it, or blow a skeleton blocking a path you couldn’t move before etc, it is what makes the game exciting. So much discover and explore.

I have found some dungeons are easier than others as I found the level 4’s dungeon easier that say number 3, it all depends on your style of play and from my research the switch buttons have made it easier to battle as you can have all you essentials equipment like both sword and shield, with the feather equipped for jumping etc, to make going through the dungeons easier, and battling enemies easier as well. At the moment I am still playing this game, I am up to level 6 now and I found the catfish’s maw a difficult dungeon, as lots of going back and forth between everything and hunting a giant skeleton to give me the grapple hook I needed to get through easier.

I think this is a beautiful game, it make look childish but is very diverse,it’s got puzzles and it’s complex, if I played this when I was younger I think I would be stuck. It looks an easy it’s not and I am loving this game as it tests everything you as a gamer. So don’t be fooled by its cute adorable style, it’s challenging game, and I love it.i have been this challenge in terms of puzzles etc since the early days of Tomb Raider. Don’t get me wrong I have had to ask for help on twitter or look some things up when I do get stuck, I love my little gaming community who have really helped me as well.

I think this game is great and it’s one of my favourites at the moment and I am still playing, I just love the puzzles. I am just having a great time playing and maybe finally be able to complete my first Zelda game. Highly rate this game.

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