Halloween!! Bloodstained Ritual of the Night initial thoughts

Well seen as it’s Halloween soon I have decided to play bloodstained ritual of the night, something with the weird and wonderful world. Now I have never played a castlevania game at all and everyone is telling me it’s like.

I am real lying enjoying, I have re started this game as one I forgot where I was and too wanted to start a fresh with it, so I have managed to get off the ship and made my way all the way inside the castle which is the ultimate maze. I love that you eventually fast travel to certain areas, which helps so much between the castle and the little hideout where you can craft, do quests or buy supplies.

I love Miriam, I love it’s a female lead it’s great the voice acting it spot on. The environment and enemies are so detailed and eerie. So I thought I would play this due to Halloween this month to get me in the mood for the creepy and mysterious. This game is so much fun and I am enjoying being able to craft my potions or weapons so I can kick some demon ass and collect more powerful shards. I am just so glad I can finally get my teeth into this game.

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