Planet Zoo (Beta)

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Well I am super excited for this game, I loved planet coaster and Zoo tycoon was a game I loved so much, and loved playing with my sister as well, at who could make the better zoo or who could get ahead in the career mode etc.

I had to pre order this game and I forgot I went for the deluxe version, I didn’t even know about the beta until a friend told me about it, I have never rushed home so quickly to try it out. I am not disappointed obviously this isn’t the final version as it comes out November 5th. I love the graphics they are stunning, and I quickly played the career mode, just so I could learn the basics of the controls, they flow and easy to get a grips with, plus I like how there is a help button and easily labelled for what you need to know like rotating objects I had no idea, but easy to find out without googling them.

One thing I was struggling with was, the constructing the walls for the animals exhibits/habitats, I couldn’t really construct straight lines it was a little bit wobbly, and you have to get the curve length just right as well, maybe I am too use to Zoo tycoon where you could go wild with the fence, so that bit took me a while to get my head around.

Overall, I am really excited and impressed with how the game will eventually turn out and okay its a little rough around the edges, there is still plenty of time to sort the little things out. I just can’t wait and this game has so much potential. CAN NOT WAIT !!!!

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