The legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening ( what’s in the box)

It’s finally here, I have never ever completed a Zelda game in my life as I did play Ocarina of Time when I was a lot younger never completed it though and maybe a little too young to get it maybe.

This limited edition was the most stunning thing I have seen, the steelbook is what drew me to it, it’s my favourite steelbook cover it actually looks like a Gameboy.

Look at it, it’s incredible and the cover art on the actual game box is amazing too, just love it and the box it game is brilliant.

This is the art book the cover itself is impressive, but the art work inside really blew me away the detail and design that has gone into the book and the charcater design for this game, it’s amazing, it maybe be small but every page is flowing with colour and character.

Little video of inside the book

I just love it and want to finish this visually stunning game. I have started to play and really enjoying so far, I know what I am doing this weekend Zelda we meet again after all these years well actually link.

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