Manchester Retro Gaming market!!

Well last Sunday we went to a retro gaming market in Manchester, a spur of the moment thing, as we are never off when these take place, but luckily now it fell when we were actually off. My god it didn’t disappoint. I loved it, spent so much money, but there was so much stuff to see and comparing prices etc. I had so much fun there though, so much merchandise and special editions.

This is most of the stuff we picked up from the market so happy finally got two childhood games back in my life, A bugs life and Hercules, I remember these games as a kid and loved them, but also remembered them being quiet hard as I had the PC verions, I think between the two I would always pick Hercules though.

So so happy picked up a limited edition resident evil 4 game cube, but when we went to pay for the console we were told this Game cube, is very special as its been modded, and is region free so can play any games from the USA market as well as Japanese, so we had to go and get some Japanese games for the Cube naturally, love the box art for those games as well. It was also nice to see the different stalls and actually see some japanese imports as again they are very good with artwork etc.

So I would recommend if any can go next year I would, definitely going next year.

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