Disney’s Hercules (retro review)

This game I felt was a delightful romp through the Greek myths, and the animation was beautifully done.

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The game basically follows, the plot of the film fairly closely, with voice overs from James Woods (Hades) and Danny DeVito (Phil), among others. Gameplay is confined mostly to walking left or right a side scroller in sorts. You go around hacking at enemies with your sword. You also have a regular punch that isn’t nearly as effective, and a super punch that takes time to wind up, but delivers a mighty blow. There are some areas which allow for you to move up and down in depth in paths in certain levels to get around.

Backgrounds are a blend of sprites and polygons, and to the developer’s credit, the game does look like the movie. Indeed, much of the game feels like it was set up this way, with almost random placing of enemies and obstacles. I found and still find the game really challenging.

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Control is decent enough, although on levels like the Crash cam style-like Gauntlet, where Hercules is actually running into the screen, control is maddeningly sluggish, and it does up the difficulty level of the game.

I love this game, as I am huge fan of the film as well, its fun and hard at times I love taking on enemies and trying to collect everything I can in each level and discovering all the secrets in the areas as well. I love a remastered version just to keep it up to date, but I still love and rave about it now.

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