Games we want !! 2019

So we are over half way through the year now, so many games are coming into our lives and September I have already deemed the most expensive month of my life.

So with this in mind there a loads of games we want on our hit list to get this year.

Astral Chain, I love the look of the game, it by the guys who brought us Bayonetta which I also love. So I am very excited to get and comes out 30th August so this is the first of many to be coming my way.

Links awakening, I really want this and actually complete a Zelda game or be more into them, as I have played a few but never stuck them out, so I want to give this one a shot as well. 20th September

Now this I feel is more a wildcard purchase, and I have already been told I am not allowed to get this as I already have Spyro on the PS4 and haven’t fully completed, but I just love the thought of a switch version of this game and playing it on the go. 3rd September.

Now I don’t normally buy sports games at all not really my thing, but I want this purely because my team Aston Villa are back in the priemer league, it’s purely for collection and memory purchase. I will play this and I know I will be terrible, but want it because of my team and the group of players they have now. 27th September.

Medievil, this is more my boyfriends choice than mine, but I do remember it and playing the demo disc a few times, he absolutely adores this game. I have seen some gameplay footage and looks a whole lot of fun and just in time for Halloween 25th October.

Death stranding, another game that looks usual but so very interesting, the graphics look fantastic, again my boyfriend is a huge Hideo Kojima fan because of MGS. I keep seeing gameplay footage and trailers and it’s definitely one I want to see what it’s all about. November 8th

This is definitely one I want, I loved Zoo Tycoon growing up so much I would lose myself in making my zoo, making money and most importantly the animals, I loved it and can’t wait to play this kinda sister/remaster of that. 5th November

Well I love Star Wars and always will, now I was disappointed with the reboot of battlefront, as the originals were so good and other games with real Star Wars stories I have really enjoyed like KOTOR one of my favourites. I like the look of this game and I like its a solo story, I want the best for the game I am wishing for it. I just don’t want to be let down again. 15th Nov

Yay!!!! Another Pokemon game, an actual new one in the series with all new Pokemon and some old I have heard. I am already in love with wooloo, who doesn’t love a sheep based Pokemon. I can’t wait to play this and it’s definitely on my Christmas already. Love the new look and the region it’s self something different. 15th November.

Obviously there are some titles that are coming out early 2020 and we really want Cyberpunk 2077, final fantasy 7 remake and also the new Marvel Avengers game too. I just wanted to stick to titles still left to come this year, what did you guys think of the games we want, is there any games we have missed or anything we should be taking a look at.

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