Pick ups this week

I haven’t done a pick up post for ages and if I am being honest I haven’t brought any games recently to show apart from the ones from comi con. But this week I went to a great little retro game shop which I go to a lot now, and managed to pick up these bad boys some I haven’t heard of but some I remember from my childhood or seeing advertised in the shops. I love collect video games, but also playing them as well so I can’t wait to have a go on these.

This was also brought this week as well I try to go for games I have never seen or heard of, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but the box art I couldn’t resist it and it’s all I could go off as well. Some games to have amazing box art and I do sometimes go of the cover art as I want to add it into my collection. Again I can’t wait to give this some time to play as well, as people have told me it’s good, so I am super excited to play these and give you my feedback.

There are more to come these week as well so watch this space gamer geeks is back on the retro games.

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