Resident evil 2 ( First Timer)

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Well as you guys know I have watched my other half play-through resident evil 2 remake, I loved watching him and I loved the story. Now myself I don’t play horror games, never had I played bioshock once I got given it as a birthday present, I got to the beginning when a crazy woman wants to get in and slicer me, I have never turned my console off so quickly.

So to conquer my fear, its my turn to play Resident evil 2, and its the first time I have actually played any of the games in the series. Now what I plan to do a special stream every sunday of this game nicknamed scary sunday, where I plan to stream this game and see how it goes plus it means I have a schedule to stick too and a plan. So yesterday I did my very first scary sunday stream on our twitch channel. (link to twitch channel below)

But in case you missed it I actually have a highlight clip from my stream for you guys to watch on youtube, but because I am nice here is a link to the YouTube channel. Hope you guys enjoy and either laugh or cry at me in this play-through actually maybe both.

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