Detroit Become Human Initial thoughts

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I have heard all about this game, seen lots of videos about the game to with its many endings. This game was very heavily cosplayed at MCM comi con in manchester this year as well. So when this game became free for Playstation Plus members I couldn’t resist. I wanted something different to play and try different types of games I have only played a couple of hours and making my way through the stories of Connor, Marcus and Kara. I am hooked, I put it down for a little bit, and found myself thinking more and more about it, the story etc. So I have had to pick it up again to play to see what choices I can make, and see where the story leads me. I was initally hooked by Kara story about a young called Alice, whos father isnt the best role model, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

But what hooked was a great opening act with a hostage situationa and the investagation side of an Android, which is cool it took me a while to get to grip with the controls, but I am really enjoying it I feel like I am binge watching a TV series on Netflix or something but how it plays out, its all up to me. I love it, I am thinking about it now. The ethics and the message that is developing. I am hooked to the characters, narrative and the stunning graphics. I will be playing tomorrow before work.

Image result for detroit become human

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