Retro Replay live ( birthday) special post !!!!

Now you guys know I am massive fan of this show, I love it and we got to see their first live show last year, so this year was the birthday and I have to say it was brilliant. Troy and Nolan are the nicest people and they have actually helped me through a very tough period for myself as you guys on Twitter know.

It’s just pure joy to watch these guys just even talk, they made me smile when I didn’t think I would again and I laughed so hard, it was nice to have me back. So I would like to thank Troy and Nolan for allowing me to embrace my inner nerd self, but brought back me.

Gotta love them and the love of Guinness is real guys. If you guys don’t know what the show is all about one I do have previous post to explain etc. Basically Troy Baker and Nolan North play games from the past retro games such as N64 classics golden or golden axe for the mega drive. You get to watch these guys have fun or rage at games like we all do, but they have fun and happy accidents along the way. Such as creating little songs which by the way always get stuck in my head, but you get to hear stories funny ones or meaningful ones as well. Link below to the website


The show has been running for a year and grown in popularity as well community the replayers which is great too where we focus on the good, fun and positives of gaming and life.

So at the live event this year there were things done at MCM comi con that you don’t normally see etc. So in this special post I was luckily enough to go see them and get some footage to show you guys, and images too.

This is how close we were I was totally fan girling very much. It so weird seeing them in person from screen to reality.

I mentioned songs well Troy is a musician and well if you watch a ghost and goblins episode they create a little song together, Seamus the knight which has been stuck in my head for ages, well they developed it further and now even more stuck in my head as well. It’s great and so much fun and sooo gutted the knight is called Arthur.

Well seen as it was the birthday of Retro Replay live they played the same game again Aladdin on mega drive / genesis, wanting to see if Nolan had improved as jumping was a massive problem at the time and just basically dying a few times. It was so much fun watching these play together and Nolan had definitely improved and his skills he made it to level 2 all on his own.

Now I have mentioned this before, they are brilliant voice actors, so on the show they create voices or do impressions. Well on some of the episodes Nolan would go into a deep growling voice say beautiful mother etc. With that in mind the community then decided to give this persona a name and name for Troy’s version too. So with them developing the song further they developed this characters as well. I have footage of the little comedy sketch it’s hilarious hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Now on to the game as we know and fans of the show know they like to use cheat codes etc to gain further in the level so they decided to let Nolan do the Rug Race from Aladdin, I remember this being so hard as kid and brings back Lion King memories for me. It gets faster as you go dodging rocks and lava, well Nolan had a few goes and the crowd rooted for him all the way and he was so good and got so close, see how he did below I apologise now I was screaming for him to do it so you will hear this in video footage too. Team Nolan all the way.

Following in from the footage the decided to give us a little Disney classic a new world to sing a long too, for one its classic Disney song and obviously went hand in hand with the game of choice.

They came of stage and ran into the audience and I was in a aisle seat and Nolan grabbed my hand, I was star struck I was screaming in pitches only dogs could hear, it put the biggest smile in my face ever. I am never washing this hand ever again. The even was such a lovely experience and enjoyed it so much to see them again. I am huge fan of the show and I just wanted to show them the love and joy they give me. They probably don’t even know my name etc but I am just happy to be part of the community and part of the show experience.

(Apologies for the singing in the video )😊

So to sum it up I had the best time ever and so did my other half we laughed so much, and were so interested in it. We love this show and hope you guys will to and maybe watch a few episodes on their YouTube channel.

But at the end of the day I was treated to the best anniversary present ever. A picture with the awesome duo Troy Baker and Nolan North. Thank you Retro Replay for helping me discover myself again and my inner nerd.

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