Well it’s that time of year again and we were at comi con Manchester again. It was so much fun and so much to see and do. It was brilliant I personally think it gets better every year and our favourite year so far, plus we had our friend who had never been to anything like this before and they loved it so hopefully she will join in the fun with us again next year.

So obviously we had to go dressed up and so I went as my favourite characters from Overwatch, D.VA and my other half went as Leon from the resident evil 2 remake game. There was so many great costumes and t shirts as well, a lot of Dante love this year as DMC 5 was sooo good. I was glad though that the day itself wasn’t too hot as we were a little hot in the outfits, but worth it for joining in the fun of the day.

Now whilst you guys know I am big game collector and retro games as well there was plenty of stalls to sink my teeth into. I was surprised as last year there was only one which did return and I did love called RPG retro (pop & games) I did buy again from these year as well unfortunately these guys don’t have a website but I Facebook page look these guys up they do lots of other events as well as cons.( link to page below)

(Picture from there Facebook page of event)

Something else that caught my eye and I had heard of this company as well called Deadpan robot. They create custom gameboys, gameboy Colors and GBA. They are awesome and very friendly, they had so much to over games as well. Well I couldn’t resist and purchase a custom Pokemon gameboy I fell in love with it, and so did my other half I couldn’t leave without it.

It’s backlit !!!!! And I also purchased Pokemon silver I never had the game to begin with it and looks ace I love this console so much.

Here is the link to check them out, they are also on Facebook, Twitter and instagram as well. These guys are awesome and so is my console. Which means I need more games right ?

Now these beauty is something my other half picked up it looks and feels amazing. This caught our eyes the first day and we had to go back on the last day to get it. It high quality and official brand as well little bit pricey, but when the guy spoke to us I know it’s a sales pitch, but there were only 250 of these made and the fact we couldn’t have got these anywhere else. That’s why we love going we see things you wouldn’t normally see or buy anywhere else unless we travel a lot further. These guys are cool and check them out link below and again on instagram etc.

I was happy I got this as I am massive Harley Quinn fan and when I first went to comi con I went as Harley, so we grabbed the zbox/my geek box from zavvi it something like 2 for £10 I was so happy this was inside and I can add it to my little Harley collection at home and was worth the money for something this awesome.

So here are my gaming geek pick ups so happy with them, another place we stopped buy are a guys called pixel games these guys were so nice and fun, but also a great help and are actually where I picked up most of my games you see here and so happy I got smash bros melee for GameCube been after these for a long time. @PixelGamesUK on Twitter check these guys and they have a Facebook page too They do so much more than games.

I can’t wait to play and review them, but overall to have fun and be my nerdy self more often. Absolutely loved the event and the two days it’s so worth going you end up meeting and chatting to others as well. It’s so positive and fun, it’s nice to see everyone in the gaming community together. If you guys have are unsure just go even for one day just have a look around.

Now there is going to be a follow up blog post as we got to see the famous Retro Replay show live with Troy Baker and Nolan North, these guys are awesome and deserve there own post, plus some extra stuff you guys won’t see on the show and some special things too.

Just a little sneak peek photo to keep you going.

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