Games- Memory Lane

Now I am gamer I would class myself as a gamer goodish sometimes, but when I was younger there a few games that got me into gaming and part of my gaming experience there a few to be honest. However there a few I really remember that got me into games in the first place and kinda defined me and my play experiences or games I would naturally go for, they may have not be the best but certainly gave me lots of fun and to continue my gaming journey of fun and exploring escapism.

1. Quake (PC)

Now this brings back memories of my childhood and I remember I wasn’t suppose to play this game I was actually banned as I wasn’t old enough to play it, it was like when I was about 4/5 ish I can’t remember, but I remember my dad buying this game for himself and spending hours on it shooting things etc I could hear the sound effects etc, it sounded cool and awesome, it was my Mum who stopped me from playing it, one night she was working later and working over, so just me and my Dad were home. Guess what happened my Dad let me have a go and I loved and we both enjoyed playing it, and then I remember shooting a guys head off and me and my dad just looked at one another(he was waiting for my reaction of either crying or running off scared) we just burst out laughing at it for hours and we had some much and that was my feel experience of playing a shooting game.

2. Spyro the dragon(ps1)

This was one of my favourites, so much colour and I think it was my own actual game for the PlayStation as again it was Dad’s and he brought me this game of this little purple dragon, this was because I played the demo disc of the first couple of levels everyday from school without fail always playing the same levels, so I think mum and dad felt sorry for me so they got the full game. I loved it so much I would spend hours on it collecting everything I could 100% every level and realising I wasn’t very good at the speedways very early on. I just loved it, the story of small dragon saving the grown ups and taking on the bad guys gave me inspiration to take on anything no matter what the size of the task etc, but I feel this game helped me in terms of my creativity and imagination as well , I use to write stories based of the game or drawing which I grew to love and got me into illustration etc

3. Pokemon Red

Now the Pokemon series was huge when I was growing up I was, well still am a ,massive fan of Pokemon I just loved the tv series as well as collecting the cards which was like playground currency and put you on the popular scale as well. This game was my favourite I wanted to catch em all I wanted level 100 Pokemon and you felt like you bonded with each character and creature, it was and still is so much fun to play and it’s my childhood playing it every morning and night , even rushing home to do the homework so I could play this game. It was like raising your own pets or animals and you took care of them.

4. World of illusion

This game was so much fun and I remember it being my favourite when I had it, I have since re purchased this game from comi con. I love Disney and I loved this, I have spoken about this game before, but it did have an impact on my gaming journey as it was very hard at the time and still is as I have replayed it. But I just loved the graphics for its and colour in a game, it was Disney magic in a game, it introduced me to the arcade kinda of gaming and now I appreciate the auto save or being able to save button so much. But I loved the challenge of getting so far and then just having to improved all the time, I could easily play this game for hours. I get lost in the colour and the music, it was really the first game I actually played and once that had depth to it and it was nice I could play 2 player as well.

5. Tomb raider

This again was my Dads game, he loved it and it was a game I use to help my dad with as back then there was no video play through or mini map telling you what to do or where to go. I remember the opening scene so well that the wolves scared me quiet a bit, but I use to wake my dad up Saturday morning and this was played and I would be there giving useful tips and hints etc. But I loved this game as for a young girl she was very inspirational as at the time not many games I played had female leads and strong female character that was smart and kick ass as well. This I think paved the way for female hero’s and action hero’s to kick butt as well as the men, the fact she takes on the men as well which is great, I remember wanting to be Lara I had my hair like her as well.

So what games had an influence on you? Or brings back memories that you had leave a comment or tweet us.

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