Pokemon Pinball – Retro review

Pokemon Pinball was designed with two types of gamers in mind: those who just can’t get enough of those cute little critters, and die-hard video pinball wizards. This game easily see that this game has filled both of these niches very nicely.

One thing is obvious: the design team took the existing pinball engine of Kirby’s Pinball Land for the Game Boy, and converted it into another machine altogether.This game however, isn’t lacking in features. The game is loaded to the top with stuff to do, and to uncover.

In the game, you just whack a Pokeball (the unit that captures and holds Pokémon creatures) around a pinball machine that’s constructed of Pokémon obstacles and structures. In the game there are two machines, based on the Pokemon series Red and Blue. The different machines have its own techiques, challenges, bonus levels, and Pokémon.

Yep, the idea in the game is to capture Pokémon. But How? Well, each machine has its own way of finding the creatures, but once you find it, it’s all a matter of hitting it six times with your Pokeball. Each machine will also give you the ability to evolve captured Pokémon, since some creatures are not out in the wild. What happens when you manage to get all 150 Pokémon? Ah, that’s a secret that has to be discovered, and it won’t be easy. You’ll have to learn exactly how to unearth certain Pokémon, since not all Pokémon can be obtained the same way.

If you’re a fan of Pikachu like I am, crank up those speakers you’ll be greeted with a hearty, digitised “Piiiiiika!!!” if the electric mouse saves your ball from going down the drain. Ah, those guys really know how to appease the fans of the series. It’s super cute and adorable.

Pokemon Pinball, is a very well-designed pinball game. It’s a great title to just kick back and play for a few sessions, and makes for one of those “Just one more time” Game Boy titles. And I’ve a feeling I’m going to be playing this one until I’ve caught ’em all. I never played this when it originally came out, and I find myself keep coming back to it, play few burst sessions and very addictive. Love it.

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