Marvel ultimate alliance 3- Initial thoughts

Well it was a spontaneous purchase on Friday I had heard about this game and never played any of the others in the series . I love the MCU and I just love Marvel there are some brilliant stories and characters. I loved the Spider-Man PS4 game it’s one of my favourites and the only platinum trophy I have on my PS4. I loved x men TV series in 90s as well as again Spider-Man. I am loving this game so far so much fun and the voice acting in this I love it. The cartoon/comic book style of this game is brilliant I can’t wait to play more of this game.

The roster for this game is huge and just so happy to get to see so many Marvel characters that aren’t just the main stream characters that everyone has come to know as well. I am super excited to play as Spider Gwen love the comics etc and wish she was in the Spider-Man PS4, but now I get my chance to play as her.

So far so good how you guys finding it ? Let me know leave a comment or tweet us

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