Super Mario 64- Retro Review

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Now this game brings me back to my childhood, I loved this game I had like 4 games for my N64 and this was definently one of them, with recently playing Super Mario Maker 2 I was instantly transported back to my memories of this game. It got me wanting to play this game again so I have had a little go and I forgot how good it was and how more exploring you could do in the game.

You have to explore everything, leaving no rock untouched, no mushroom mute, no door unopened. Mario himself has so many possible movements, and the environment is so interactive, that players will spend hours on the first level without achieving anything in particular. I know when I was younger I had to keep going back to repeat games and discover more in the levels for stars etc.

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The variety of levels and scale each world is simply breathtaking. The game consists of 15 massive courses in which Mario can attain seven stars per course, with numerous secret areas and bonuses, including 15 extra stars (for a total or 120 stars). It’ll surely take the average gamer a fair few hours to reach the third and final Bowser and free the princess (not to mention find Yoshi), so the game’s replay value is bountiful. Its so cute and has so much replay value has so much content I know I kept missing things.

This game is super cute and the graphics are magnificent. The animation is lavish, the textures rich, and even the most superfluous touches have been completely executed. 

Nintendo’s craftsmanship and zeal for creating fantastically enjoyable games has never shown through more than in Super Mario 64.

The 3D worlds are huge and cleverly laid-out so that there is never a dull moment in the game or levels. Secrets play a huge part of the experience, recapturing the classic gameplay style of the series. This overs more freedom, more space, more options, better graphics, improved and elaborated control schemes — it’s all there. The ultimate Mario experience.

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I loved this game so much and I love the interaction between you and other characters and creatures in the game, I think the level I loved most was ice world with penguins, I just loved and doing a race on the slide and who can do it in the quickest time.

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