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Now these are two heavy weight games, and a huge part of my childhood to be honest Mario Kart has been in my childhood more as the N64 was my console and it was one of the very few games I had for it and was actually quiet good at that game. CTR on the other hand I either played at my cousins or friends house I never owne my own copy of the game, until now for the Ps1.

I have enjoyed old  verions of these two game and I really enjoy there modern counter parts. such as Mario Kart 8 deluxe and the new nitro- fueled crash. Now this post isnt for me to say which one is better at all I love both of these games, they are both fun and easy to pick and play. I am writing the blog post to show you the pros and cons I have with both of these games, which isnt many cons in either, I just wanted to show you guys an honest opinion on two incredible games that have really enjoyed playing both.

I have found in some ways CTR nitro-fuled to be harder that Mario Kart, its just my opinion, but i have found it harder I have found using the turbo boost was a massive learning curve for me, and get the timings almost perfect to get the perfect x3 boost, or you get the good boost as well or the fail which does have an impact on you in the game if you don’t get it right. One it lets you know by a fail noise and you dont really go any faster if you fail which is the point, but also if you power slide for too long without using the turbo boost, you will spin out and lose control which can either knock you off the course or puts you so behind you cannot possibly catch up. Whereas, Mario Kart does have a power slide boost but the longer you power slide the better as it turns ultra blue and then when you finally break out of the power slide you get a boost and turns your tyres firey red and gives you a little boost, which is great for the game and helps with tights turns espcailly with courses like rainbow road ( the scariest of them all tracks) ], but the power slide boost isnt as techinal as in CTR you have to be quick to use it, and the CTR turbo boost actually gives you more of a boost in the game, than the Mario version.

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Jump boost again something that appears in both games I find using the jump boost, is harder to get in CTR than mario, as again its all about timings and gettting it right as it doesnt always work whereas, Mario’s is just a simple flick of the controller at the end of ramp and it seems to be less techinal as you have a little bit more leeway and dont have to be a prescise in the game to get the the little jump boost so its makes the game a little easier. However, the jump boost in CTR is more effective though as the longer you are in the air the better boost you get on the track, where the Mario one doesnt really have that mushc impact you could be in the air for a while but you still get the same amount of boost as the other players.

Now power up boxes, they both have an awesome arsenal of weapons, boosts and traps in both these games I love the TNT box in CTR as you have to jump to get rid of it. I also love the little star in Mario as it make you very quick ,but you can knock players out of the way. Obvisouly both these games have similar power ups like the uka uka mask and the star are basically the same and the homing missles are similar to the green/red shells in Mario version. I feel in Mario you get more power up boxes, the tracks are literally littered with them and there seems to be more variety in the power ups etc I guess to make it more competive as some power ups can take you from 8th to 1st in no time like the power bullet. Which is know everyone gets angry at because its seen as cheating which, I do understand , but its part of the game and Mario does still take skill to come first so you use your skills to overcome things like that, and all part of the competitive edge in the game. CTR on the other hand the tracks aren’t covered in power up boxes, but they do have wumpa fruit boxes which if you get x10 of the wumpa fruit your power ups become more potent and your kart becomes faster etc, which is different to Mario, but at the same time CTR racing rely on your skill and knowledge of the tracks, and also the secret short cuts on those tracks as well to use to your advantage. So both games have different experinces on the tracks.

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The characters in both games are adorable and cute and bring me back to my childhood, as it has the main stars out of there well respected gaming series. Now in Mario the chrarcters are great but dont have any stats like CTR , as that game you can see what Coco bandicoot is good at like accerlation, where Mario kart you don’t get that really, I find Toad and Yoshi to be quicker, but that may be down to the way I play, but there isnt any stats for them or change of skins etc. However, in Mario in karts/bikes have the stats all the equipment have the stats not the character, which is great you unlock new parts/equipment by collecting the coins that are on the track, which I think is great to be honest as it should be the kart/bike that has the impact in real life races. However, in CTR the karts have no impact on race, they just look awesome and do look better than the Mario ones in my opinion and can change colours and add racing stripes as well, you can make the kart your own, and the chracters all have different costumes as well as you can have muskteer Pura outfit ( its so freaking adorable), but these have more of impact on online to make you look cool to your friends or strangers online. I wish Mario had the opition on more customsation of things, to make them more personal etc.

Now, in terms of staying power I feel like CTR has more to over, as you have relic races which is inspired from the bandicoot series where you complete levels in the fastest times basically speed runs. It has more options for battle mode compared to Mario Kart, you have last kart standing, cystal grab and capture the flag. The battle mode though for CTR I find it harder than Mario Kart I have to say, but I feel Mario Kart always appealed to more family based game so everyone can play, not saying that everyone can’t play CTR, but Mario is easier to pick up. CTR you have token races by collecting the letters CTR and finishing first as well to collect the token of the track. Furthermore, CTR at the moment has got a live  Grand Prix event running with daily,quick and weekly challenges for everyone to take part and collect nitro to unlock new characters, karts and paint jobs etc and has more planned Gran Prix events planned in the future as well. Mario Kart does over racing lots of fun, battle modes and time trials also online as well, as most racing games do have, online now. So I feel CTR has more to offer me at the moment and keeps me coming back, even though I love Mario Kart and I find its one of the games I don’t want play on my own, and is always a party favourite of mine to bring out for friends and family.

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Overall, I love thes games so much and I will happily play both of these games I honestly do. I just feel CTR is harder and offers more in terms of a challenge, as if you have seen me on online I am always last or 5/6. I feel it offeres more of challenge in different modes for different racers. I love Mario Kart so much, N64 is my favourite just because of my childhood, but I do feel Mario is more child/family friendly in terms of playing its very playable for everyone. I feel CTR is more techinal as well and harder, which makes me want to play more to become a better player or to unlock things, and with Gran Prix even offering me challenges everyday to do, it definetly has me coming back for more. So at the moment CTR is winning for me with its plans for new content coming, events and even challenges its winning. Mario Kart will always have a special place in my heart and something me and sister really bonded over, and we still love it now. Tell me what you guys think ! tweet us and leave me comments below.

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