Pokemon update!

Well today the pokemon company have relased a new video showing the gigantamaxing in a more in depth way. I know a lot of people aren’t too impressed with it, but I actually think well why not, its a new feature but again like many I hope they do it well.

Furthermore, in this video we get a look at more new Pokemon, which has me even more pumped for this game, as the game is all about the Pokemon. I loved Wooloo when they showed that pokemon off, that pokemon looks adorable and I have been driving my half around the bend about that Pokemon.

Here we can have a look at the new pokemon images below, which one is your favourite?

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

No photo description available.

I don’t actually eat more fruit or strawberries, but this little dessert Pokemon looks adorable, even good enough to eat. I am really liking the new designs for the generations of Pokemon in these new games, so much fun and colour its great. Yamper looks cute and nuts at the same time but still I want one. I am really excited for this game and is already on the christmas list for 2019.

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