CTR Nitro fueled- Initial thoughts (PS4)

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Now its finally hear and I have been so excited for this game, to again drive Crash around and cause mayhem in his wake. I have copy of the game for ps4 which arrived yesterday day of the release, and doesn’t disappoint. I am having so much stressful fun. its unbelievable. The graphics, as excepted are fantastic, all the course are stunning to drive around.

The ps4 version does have Playstation exclusives, such retro skins and retro track. The skins I have to say are very well done.

I have been playing all day yesterday and today, I have loved every minute of it. However, is it me or is it harder? than I remember as I have rage quit today in the adventure mode at the sewer speedway, I just can’t seem to finish first, and even when I was so close the polar bear had me at the last second. So I am having a tiny little time out to myself, so I can tackle the course again (any help or advice much appreciated).

I am having so much fun, and do remember the original, but I didn’t play it as much as I have done Mario Kart which as always been a favourite of mine and have a deep childhood connection.

Could this game make its way into my Mario heart……. hell yes!!!!

how are you guys finding it? let me know in the comments or tweet us @gamergeeksuk

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