Ni No Kuni 2 – Initial thoughts

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Well I am kinda new to these series and seem to be on a JRPG spree at the moment, and as you know, I have started FF9 and it’s going well. Now this game I have had my eye on for a while, I was waiting for the right time and price if I am being honest. I am so happy I did get this game I have played a few hours of it now, I love the battle and combat style kinda hack and slash stylish, the art style I love it. The environment and creatures all look stunning, pretty and adorable.

I got this game for the PC as I have recently had a new one, and I thought I could do with a game I don’t normally play.

The story is good so far, I have been fully sucked into the world and battles people/tribes are having at the moment. The puzzles are also very good and challenging as well. I am still learning, but its quiet easy to get to grips with and easy to follow as well, which is great, as I sometimes RPG’s etc what puts me of is sometimes complex levelling up or equipping systems.

Image result for ni no kuni 2

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