Boss battles – my worst

Now I have played many games and many bosses throughout the years some really good some really hard or some that oh my god thank god I have done it never doing it again ones.

Now boss battles when I was growing up was the sign either the end of a level, or end of the game you always have to battle the bad guy at the end.

Now there a few I could mention and go in depth about but here are my top three, from the games I have played etc.

1. Red Lyrium Dragon – Dragon Age inquisition

Now this isn’t actually the main boss, the main bad guy in this is Corypheus, he hard himself, but it’s pet dragon that is the worst, and I can honestly say I dread it when I come to play the final level of the game because of this dragon. It hard and challenging because this dragon is resistant to pretty much every mage attack and element attack. He has armour defence that he can trigger and you have to take that off him within the battle which is a full health bar gauge, and takes a lot to get it down before you even get to his health bar, and the shield does come down and you get to take a punch at his health it only last a few minutes then it comes back again. It so infuriating, and time consuming. What also makes this hard is you the concentration level has to be very high as I have never had to be that focused on a battle and you have to help all members in your party you have to get timings right, even be sparing on potions etc. This dragon I hate it, but I felt very proud of myself for defeating him I have done it twice so I am proud, but my god it’s definitely mental drain.

2. Deathstroke- Batman origins

Now I forgot all about this one, until I downloaded again for my laptop and it’s quiet early on. Then all the memories came back it’s so hard you can’t really get an attack on it’s all about block and dodging more than attacking, which is great but, I would like to get a punch in, which does happen but it’s few and far between. Plus I had to invest in a gaming controller for my laptop because my hands couldn’t keep up with the keys. The amount of concentration and one false move you are dead. It’s infuriating and I think I raged quit a few times. My thumbs were killing me.

3 Alpha 152 – Dead or Alive

Now I love Dead or Alive fighting series, I always have done loved the characters the story it’s brilliant. Now in 4th entry into the series has stunning graphics and amazing moves etc. Then you get on to story mode and the last one is Alpha 152 a clone of Kashmir, and well I raged quit. She is so difficult she can disappear and re appear. She is very quick and teleports quickly to, it’s hard to get a punch in or combo going. But one thing I found hard was her special attacks one where she grabs you on the floor and punches the crap out of you and then one power punch at the end as well that takes so much health, also it doesn’t help in these games the environment can cause damage too, so her arena has a shock floor as well so even more health goes. Another move of hers that’s pretty much takes all health is one when she grabs you and shoots you along the shock floor as well. It took me ages to get past her and raged quit a few time as well.

Now these are just my opinion on difficult boss battles, what are yours? Let me know in the comments or tweet us @gamergeeksuk

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