Dragon Age Origins – review

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Now I have played this game a few times and I was actually only testing it to see if it would run on a new PC, then I got hooked again 4 hours later I am still playing the game and I have been playing for a couple of days I am addicted again, until I finish it again. I am not going to lie this Dragon Age is actually my favourite, its taken me a while to write a review on this game as I want to do it justice and I know I have reviewed the other two in previous posts so don’t forget to check them out.

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Dragon Age: Origins is that kind of game, so rich and involving that you are powerless to resist its wiles and whims, so touching and triumphant that your mind and heart will be moved. You are in the fictional land of Ferelden, you meet memorable characters and fight for a cause you believe in. Dragon Age is more than a well-crafted story, however: It’s a lengthy, intricate, and thoroughly entertaining adventure that’s easy to fall in love with. You instantly connect with chracters stories and relationships with one on other.

Relationships must be nurtured in this game, love doesn’t develop at first sight. The key to the relationship system is that you must improve your standings with available party members by giving them gifts and fulfilling quests in ways that make them happy or approve. By doing this, it opens more dialogue options and may even reward you with unexpected gifts and beyond. On significant quests, you’ll encounter complex choices that force you to weigh the risks against the rewards, even as you try to stay true to your own vision of your character, and what you want you character to be like. The first initial moments of Dragon Age it presents you with important decisions, that affect how your adventure plays out. You can customise your own avatar’s look from a variety of presets, but more importantly, you’ll choose a race and class. The choices may seem initially limited, but your options eventually expand.  The vast amount of origin stories not only provide plenty of replay value, but allow you to see familiar characters from a different angle. Which again adds to the massive replay value this game has to offer. I have played it about 3/4 times now I have been able to make different choices or uncover new stories that I never saw the times before.

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You aren’t alone. You can take up to three companions along with you You can switch out party members back at your camp or in other friendly areas. Party members you don’t use will remain at camp, though they thankfully level up when not in use thank god.You can take full control of any party member at any time. PC players get the most versatile and rewarding experience in this regard. You can zoom the camera in to a close third-person view when exploring and conversing with non-player characters, or pull the camera back to a tactical view, which makes it a breeze to quickly and easily micromanage every spell and attack. You are in full control how the battles play out and also I cannot stress enough how key the pause button is to help command you party members and yourself, as you can pick the next move or spell, or even think hang I need to use a potion here instead of attacking.

If you’ve played a BioWare fantasy RPG in the past, you’ll feel right at home with the combat system. By simply clicking on your target ,you don’t just swing a sword, but you approach your target and queue up your attack. Once your party has gained access to a good number of spells, stances, and skills,the battlefields explode and it’s a lot of fun to switch back and forth between party members, using your abilities and taking advantage of various spell combos to wreak havoc and destruction in your path.

All the spells, tactics, and skills sound like a lot to organize, but the interface does a great job of helping you keep track of things. The PC interface is brilliant, letting you browse through your inventory and tweak your quick bars quickly and easily, this makes battling or coming up with a game plan easy.

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Dragon Age looks and sounds like other high-fantasy games, but while the towers, forest paths, and underground caverns are what you’ve seen before, the art style is very attractive, and are particularly eye-catching. Character models don’t exhibit Mass Effect-level expressiveness, but they look good and animate smoothly enough. Also on a cool note splatters of blood that appear on your party members after battle, which adds to the realism and your characters do actually look out of breath and exhausted. 

This is the fantasy RPG you’ve been waiting for, this definitely one that will keep you up late at night, bleary-eyed, because you have to see what happens next. Dragon Age will sweep you up in its world, so much so that when you’re done, you’ll want to experience it all over again. The stories hook you and you develop your own relationship characters throughout and this is why I have played it so many times and the fact I only wanted to test to see if it still worked on my laptop. I just love it and one of my favourites.

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