Days Gone initial thoughts

Well this is a game I didn’t think I would like due to my fear of zombies and any game that scares or has horror involved I will not play, I watch my other half play these games which I was happy with but wanted to breaks my zombie fear in games.

This is a graphically stunning game, and I love it, I have finally shot my first zombie and gotten over my fear still can’t play on my own but I am better. The amount you can do in this game is great and very realistic as you have to refuel your motorbike, unlike other games with vehicles. The zombies are scary fast and one point I thought I only startled one of the ‘Freakers’ when I turned round there was a massive horde following me.

The amount you find and upgrade is great. I also like the variety of weapons and melee weapons as well, as in realistically you would find anything and use it to attack/defend yourself. I also like it’s a mixture of missions and enemies as it’s not just freakers you have humans that want to take you on as well.

So at the moment I am really enjoying this game and the main character deacon, I find is a great character to play as, as he is a bad ass and cocky but has a heart which is great.

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