Gameboy Colour Pick Up

Well you guys know I have wanted a gameboy colour for a long time. Finally I have got myself one, it brings back so many memories of playing this system, and even my own mum said I we had to take it everywhere with us and spare battery’s. I love this so much it’s cute and the games are good my favourite obviously Pokemon, but I want to discover more and get some Pokemon games I never had.

I have picked tomb raider for the gameboy colour and I love it so much fun and she can still flip with two buttons. It has the ability to save a game as well at certain points like the save crystals in the PS1 versions of the Tomb Raider games.

I never had Gold or silver I had crystal I always wanted one of the ones before and so glad I got my hands on Gold and want to start my new adventure on it. Also I think 2nd gen game is one of my favourites just because the Pokemon designs are some of my favourite, but linked back to the original.

Pokemon Pinball, I remember this game but never thought anything of it and always wanted to try and again my love Pokemon I couldn’t resist having this game in my life.

5 thoughts on “Gameboy Colour Pick Up

    1. I remember having mine it was green when I first had one got past on to my younger sibling etc so I was so happy to get one again and to play Pokemon how it was all those years ago I am still on the hunt for the trading card game tho 🙂

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