Tomb Raider 1 – Retro Review

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You play as Lara Croft, wealthy British woman, fortune hunter and seeker of lost relics. Your journey takes you into a variety of places, from the ruins of ancient Inca civilization into the heart of demonic madness.

Lara controls like a dream well she did back then now I am replaying I do miss the smooth controls we have now, that all about the updated tech and advances that have been made in gaming. I find the control superb when I got use to them again I was a little rusty. Lara defaults to running, but can walk cautiously when the right shoulder button is used. This “caution” button comes in  very handy, especially when gauging jumps. There is a wisely included a safety feature, to keep you from flying off edges – keeping the caution button pressed down will prevent from passing over the ledge, which means we won’t hear the infamous crunch and scream. When you’re seventy feet up, trying to execute tricky jumps between thin ledges, you’ll be very thankful for that feature.

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The level design I always found impressive and beautiful for its time. One level can take you through tight caverns populated by wolves, then into a wide-open Roman-style underground coliseum surrounded by gorillas. The majority of the levels involve pulling switches in specific orders or requiring different keys or items, in order to open doors to continue on. While this may sound simple on paper, it’s anything but. It’s fairly intuitive, yet challenging at the same time. In fact, most of the game has a familiar quality to it.

Tomb Raider’s only real problem lies in the graphics. To be frank, the seams in the textures are glaringly noticeable. Some of the background images are also pretty chunky. These points aside, though, Tomb raider is one of the best games from 1996. I just love it and the fact there is no real information on what to do or where to go, you have to explore every nook and cranky to find secrets or items to help you progress, the game to me brings back so much of my childhood and my love the playstation.

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