Pick Ups for the week

So I have been off this week and it’s been a lovely week off. It meant a good gaming week and a good gaming pick up week like the picture above picked up myself a PlayStation 1 brings back so many childhood memories and it’s just a classics, so many great games to play on this console so I was so excited to pick this up.

The sims back in the day was one of my favourites but never had the originals to play so I was happy to pick up the whole collection, so got to try and install them on the computer now as well. Zoo Tycoon ultimate so happy I got this as it comes with the expansion packs and means I can have a brilliant zoo. The PS2 games I was so happy to get one of my favourite Star Wars games back in my life as I loved this game. Tomb Raider is just a classic one to play gotta love a bit of Lara Croft, and the dark alliance 2 I have never heard of but sounded really interesting to play.

Just some great games to play on my new PlayStation 1 some great classics that I needed back in my life.

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