Gaming Series- I have never played but want to!!!

Right well you guys know I play lots of games and love different types of games etc and play on a variety of platforms but there are some games I have seen my other half or friends play that I never have.

Image result for metal gear solid

Metal Gear Solid series

I have never played any of these game, I have watched my other half play this gaming series so many times, and its his favourite, but I have never ever touched the controls on this game, I love the cut scenes the drama and also the characters. This is something I want to change, I want to play and who doesn’t love snake.

Image result for resident evil ps1

Resident Evil

This is a shocker I know I love the new one, but sadly yet again its one of those games where my other half played them and I am bit of wimp when it comes to zombie games, but I have watched him play these games many times over but never myself, I love the story and especially the new one has got my thinking about playing the originals but me this time and I just hope he doesn’t take over.

Image result for final fantasy

Final Fantasy

Again a huge series, but never played, the graphics look stunning and the character design looks awesome, its just one of those things I have never got round to playing and would like to so that why I have brought one of the games for the switch so hopefully soon I can start my FF journey.

Image result for jak and daxter

Jak and Daxter

Another series I hear about is this one and to be honest, its because I didn’t have a PS, I had an Xbox and only recently got a play station 4, but a game by naughty dog I love them and yes i am surprised I never came across this series and looks so much I want to try.

I know I know some of these games are some of the biggest gaming series in the world and I have yet to touch them and I feel ashamed, but hoping to change it, but which guys would you recommend or which is your favourite, let us know on twitter or in the comments below.

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