Games We Can’t wait for !!

There are many games coming out this year and we have already had two awesome game from CapCom Resident Evil 2 remake which is fantastic and Devil May Cry 5, which was brilliant.

Yoshi’A crafted world

Yoshi’s new game for the switch is coming it out this Friday and something I have been looking at, it looks fun and adorable, but also something different to play and Yoshi to me was always one of my favourite characters to play on Mario Kart.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

Now I loved the original so much fun, and comes 21st June. I can’t wait to play as some of my favourite characters and speeding my way to victory, it looks stunning and just can’t wait. Just can’t decided if I want for the PS4 or the switch.

Astral Chain

This was something, I quiet liked the look of this game in the Nintendo Direct at the beginning of the year and from the creators behind Bayonetta, which is a game I actually love so I am very interested in this game and the graphics looked great too so watch this space. Released 30th August.

Pokemon Sword/Shield

Now I love Pokemon like you guys know, and I loved the announcement when they revealed the new titles in the Pokemon series, I just love anything Pokemon and I hope they include all the Pokemon from other series as well and possibly like the Silver/Gold be able to travel between regions, but either way very excited about it.


There a few games we hope will be coming out this year, hoping for the Medievil remake to come out and just waiting for more information on it, such as a release date. Also another big favourite of mine is Gears of wars, I am waiting the next Gears 5, again it looked brill at E3 when it was revealed and we could look at some footage, again waiting for more information.

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