Devil May Cry 5

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This is the new pinnacle of this particular subset of the genre, thanks to a perfectly paced campaign that mixes in three completely different playstyles, each of which containing enough depth to carry a game of their own; a fun and satisfying story; and quite simply one of the best combat systems you’ll find in video games. Its beautifully breathtaking the way the combat just flows and gets better each time with every battle. I am myself very new to this gaming series I know shock horror but I have found myself totally fan girling over this game.
It starts off somewhat in a unconventional in that it starts with events that would normally feel like the climax: you’re thrown right into a fight you’re meant to lose.The  plot itself  kept me hooked all the way through with satisfying revelations, a few answers that fill in some long-standing series plot holes, and of course, the off-the-wall action that only Devil May Cry can deliver.The combat is absolutely simply sublime.

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It’s a very simple system that I picked up quickly, as  there’s one button for melee attacks, one for ranged attacks, and one for your Devil Breaker, style technique, or cane attack, depending on which character you’re using.

The beauty of Devil May Cry 5’s combat is in the depth, creative freedom, and variety its three sets of tools offer, as different characters such as Nero and V have very different tools at there disposal such as the red queen sword and shadow the panther demon, it creates creative gameplay. Throughout the game you gain red orbs to purchase new skills etc which means you can create more creative combos and kick ass action when taking down enemies, this skills all differ from each of the three characters Dante, Nero and V.

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Style and personality oozes out every animation and every mission, whether it’s Nero’s wild engine-powered sword attacks that send him flying across the level, Dante’s smug teasing of the various bosses, or V’s subtle mannerisms that just add to his mystique. 

This Devil May Cry is more linear than other titles as I am playing the 4th in the serie as its got lots of puzzle and even doing serval missions in once location. Which I appreciated, as it kept the brisk pace up and put more of an emphasis on skill-based combat challenges.

Devil May Cry as a series is that it’s not about just killing all the enemies in the room, but how you kill the enemies in the room, is all about how creative you can be with combo’s and trying to get SSS ranks.Which this in this game is a real worthwhile challenge  I felt bad when I didnt get just an S rank .To that end, I sprang at every opportunity to buy new techniques, which is rewarding because Devil May Cry 5 is paced in such a way that you are constantly getting new toys at just about every turn, and I always wanted to try our the new toys and moves.

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Devil May Cry has some of the funiest enemies to kick ass with similar to Bayonetta. There’s a great mix of common fodder enemies that allow you to do basically whatever you want to them to build your combos, tanky enemies that require specific tactics to bypass their defenses, and powerful support baddies that can deal big damage from afar and can be very threatening if not brought down quickly. The same goes for bosses, with a few of the later fights being among the strongest the series has seen. There’s a solid variety of them too, with several towering and powerful beasts, others who are agile and elusive, but the best are just straight up one-on-one duels with high-speed action that require quick reflexes and a careful balance of offense and defense, which creates the challenge and quickly learn the most effective ways to take on enemies.

Devil May Cry 5’s 3 outstanding characters have brilliant combat styles set a new high bar for the series, and its mysterious story keeps things interesting along the way. I am in love with this game and I am starting to love the series, even if you thinking of buying this game you will not be dissappointed. Just buy it even if you weren’t thinking of buying it. 

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