Pick up this week

So as you know I love buying games from eBay and CeX, also I love buying games I never owned or played before.

So haunting ground, I saw on a horror game list and it was high up there plus it’s capcom, which I love playing there games, so I thought why not give this a try plus gotta love a good horror game and interesting story it as well.

Dino Crisis, is now something people have recommended to me on twitter and also in everyday life, and so I couldn’t resist is buying it and again by Capcom, I have actually started this and love it resident evil with dinosaurs what’s not to love.

I just love Buffy and I love playing buffy games so I couldn’t resist buying it and also bringing back one of my favourite series as well with a kick ass main female lead what’s not to love, I have had a quick go in this and it’s not too bad and get to play as different characters in the series and great references to other characters in the series as well.

Time splitters, well this one I don’t know much about, but it’s game I have kept seeing on other peoples websites or have been recommended to me as well, and something I kept seeing on everyone’s gaming collections, so I wanted to add it to my own and again a game never played or really heard of so I am excited.

Is there any games you recommend I give. Try or just purchase for my collections, leave a reply in the comments or tweet us on Twitter @gamergeeksuk

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