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Dead or Alive 6 really blends fresh and familiar , to appease long-standing fans while offering an interesting array of single-player modes that serves as an onramp to competitive play online. While not as expansive or novel as Injustice, it does however gives its roster an essential sense of character. The most diverse roster includes determined tournament fighters in training to lovably foolish drunken masters and melodramatic ninja warriors and assassins, just itching for a fight, which makes it a great romp.

Dead or Alive gameplay and combat consists of, the rock-paper-scissors-style “Triangle” parry system where strikes beat throws, throws beat holds (active blocks that turn momentum), and holds beat strikes remains in play. Holds, which involve predicting your enemy’s attack and hitting one of four counters just in time, make it very important to mix up your attacks, this keeps up the action and keeps everyone guessing. Like in past Dead or Alive games (and Tekken), you’re able to sidestep attacks in addition to crouching and retreating, which gives fights that 3D feel.

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Dead or Alive 6 is very aggressive, even by fighting game standards. Short combos and also environmental hazards like explosives, make it easy to set up opportunities to juggle opponents and do a tremendous amount of damage, which has an impact on stradegy on what your opponent can use to decrease your health bar. However, this leads to situations where,  an experienced opponent who can string together long, juggling combos – a fight can feel even more one-sided than most fighting games. But Dead or Alive 6 throws you a lifeline to alleviate that feeling of being trapped with new moves that help you get out of those situations when you start to feel like a punching bag.

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The escape mechanics are the biggest and are the most helpful gameplay changes in Dead or Alive 6 which helpes new players and experinced. It revolves around the fighters’ special bar, which is now called the Break Gauge (located underneath the health bar) . The two-tiered meter, regulates a set of attacks that can set up an assault or interrupt your opponent’s attacks, regardless of what they throw at you. You can use some of it on a Break Hold, which isn’t like a normal attack-specific hold, it will counter any strike so long as you time it right and gives you a much better chance of getting out of a combo and giving you chance to get you breath back, and thus shifting the momentum in your favor. You can also spend your entire meter on a Break Blow attack, which works very much like the Power Blows that they replace from Dead or Alives past in that it interrupts any attack, cuts to a brief cinematic, and deals massive damage. Plus these moved look very cool and kick ass.


Dead or Alive 6’s distinctive new focus on breaking combos and/or preventing your attacks from getting broken feels like a good fit with the Triangle system and makes it easier to understand how these moves should fit into your strategy.

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Generally, Dead or Alive 6 goes to great lengths to get you ready to fight online. In addition to three training modes you have the standard “free training’ mode character-specific command training, and combo challenges, the we non-story single-player mode, DOA Quest, is a series of challenges that push you to learn and practice advanced moves and techniques to earn in-game currency and unlock extra costumes for characters, also these consist of rounda and time so it gets you use to figthing under pressure, as tou can see what you can do in the time and the two rounds. If you do fail, hope isn’t lost , a prompt will appear in the menu giving you the option to see a tutorial on how to do a move or combo that will help you succeed the next time. Almost everything you do offline makes you better at fighting.

All of these build on the foundation provided by one of the best opening tutorials for a fighting game. In addition to the basics of helping you find your way around your controller, it really holds your hand and shows what you should be doing with big text and symbols, and even stops time at the right moment so you can see. Dead or Alive 6 is not an  easy game to learn as there are so many combos, juggles, advanced moves, but the tutorial makes everything feel simple and don’t feel like your struggling.

The story mode, however I feel lets it down a lot. There is a  main story for the series’ stars, Ayame, Hayate, and Kasumi, which picks up after the equally wild events of Dead or Alive 5. There are smaller sets of scenes for each member of the supporting cast. The structure, which strongly resembles SoulCalibur VI’s Soul Chronicle campaign, by cutting up the plot into uneven pieces, there are a few story threads that overlap and link and go a little deeper for the characters, but unlike Soul Chronicle it’s not written well enough that piecing them together feels smooth its very jaggered. The main storyline pivots rapidly from character to character, sometimes leaving nagging plot questions unanswered. There could have been a better way to get it all to run smoothly and be more organised.

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Dead or Alive 6 ,  does makes a strong case for the franchise’s fundamental combat by making it easier to understand what sets it apart from other fighters, other than its infamous “jiggle physics.” The story campaign is disjointed but it and the other training modes serve as effective instruction for getting new players up to speed for online combat quickly, and the new Break Hold and Break Blow moves give you a way out even when you seem locked into an endless juggle of doom. But it does need to work on the mulitplayer aspect as its really there yet as it doesnt over much.

But I love the Dead or Alive series and I always I enjoy them so much my favourite will always the third one as it was first game in the DOA series and hold many memories for me and my sister playing together without failing out, taking our anger out with fighters and not each other….. well most of the time. I would recommend the third and the forth one I love them. I am enjoying the DOA 6 tho and would give it a 7/10.

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