Resident Evil 2: Remake completion review!

Hi everyone! 😀

This is my first blog post so I’m hoping its okay…. please feel free to leave a comment below. Cheers 😀

Well what can I say, It feels like forever since Capcom announced the remake and I have been so excited to get my hand on this game. First impressions – well the graphics certainly don’t disappoint wether is running around the streets of Racoon City or tensely exploring the Police Station the over all graphics are just stunning! I’m going to be honest I was a little sceptical around how Capcom would write/rewrite the storyline for the remake but have now found this to be unjust, I really do feel Capcom have done an amazing job of bring RS2 forward onto next gen consoles whist a number of changes have been made e.g. item locations, removal of old tasks, addition of new task and puzzles and lets not forget the revamped Tyrant/ Mr X! :O they have really succeeded in totally evoking nostalgia!

Overall the Resident Evil 2: Remake get a 10/10. Capcom great job! 🙂

Tyrant / Mr X
Leon / Zombie
Leon and Claire
New Locker Puzzle

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