Pick ups

So this week I have been Chester and been back on collecting my retro games and new games I want to play. Some of the games I have brought I never actually knew existed and can’t wait to play.

So I have picked up Power rangers for the mega drive, I really love my flashback console. Dead or Alive is one of my favourite fighting series and never played the very first one so was excited I find this one. Heart of darkness I have heard a few people mention this game and my other half loved it, so I can’t wait to give this a shot.

Croc 2 I loved the first game, brings back so many childhood memories and I never knew they made a second one in the series so I was very happy to find this one.

Streets of rage again for my mega drive I saw this on Retro Replay ( a show on YouTube there is a previous post about this show) and I loved the look of it and can’t wait to play for myself and kick some butt.

Last but not least, to add to my Disney Sega collection Toy Story I loved the film series and it’s my childhood and never knew Toy Story made it to the mega drive so I am looking forward to playing.

Any recommendations you guys have leave in the comments or tweet us @gamergeeksuk

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