Tekken 3- Retro Review

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With having a PlayStation Classic and collecting the 3rd game in the series I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts. As Tekken 2 as always been my favourite.

Tekken’s fighting system is arcade-perfect and I love it .It is still I feel one of the best on the PlayStation. For those new to the series, Tekken uses two punch buttons and two kick buttons to simulate the left and right sides. It a fighting system that’s worked extremely well for Tekken over the years, and it’s just gotten faster and better in this game in the series. There’s a huge number of moves and combos available in Tekken 3 compared to Tekken 2.

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Tekken 3 is everything you’d hoped it would be, but without the classic Namco extras, this would just another really good fighting game. The animators really did progressed at the time to the point where realistic hair and human models are uncannily real, down to individual strands.

On of the main reasons Tekken 3 is better than Tekken 2 is its excellent alternative play modes, force mode and Ball mode. Ball mode is the already popular beach ball competition which places the Tekken characters on the beach and in a duel to the inflated air death. Force mode is the Final Fight style side-scroller mode. Both of these are surprisingly playable and complete. Although they’re limited in appeal, such alternative modes are were to be the wave of the future, and Namco did make a great start.

Tekken 3 on the PlayStation is the more of a well-rounded fighting package compared to Tekken 2. Not only does it provide an excellent fighting game, but the extra modes and practice features make it more appealing.

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