Assassins creed odyssey initial thoughts

Another game I had for Christmas and I have loved this series from game one and my favourite is and will always be assassins creed 2 with Ezio. I loved the stunning graphics and the look of this game shown in trailers etc.

I am really enjoying it at the moment played a few hours, and I am playing as Kassandra as well which is ace she kicks ass. I love the Sparta kick which is very effective in battle, the graphics look amazing and the story so far is very gripping. One of the new features that I do like though, is the fact you can have conversation choices like Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, where is means all the little choices have an impact on the game and even tells you, you might not even see these choices until later in the game. Which means there different endings or alternative scenarios in the game, which means I could play through the game multiple times and it can be different, which is great.

So far I am really enjoying and getting into the flow of the story as well, I will always love this game series even though there are some that aren’t my favourite, I love the Greek mythology element to this story as well, as it all links in with storyline. So far so good what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments or tweet us.

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