Spider-Man DLC review

Now I have finally completed the DLC 100% with all trophies, and I have finally got 100% in the base game too with my first platinum trophy as well for getting all the trophies in the main game.

The Heist DLC is clearly first chapter of a larger story waiting to be told across Spider-Man’s three-part DLC saga called The City That Never Sleeps. Which is why I think it feels little less beefed out and short as it’s looking to the picture of how the story unfolds in the next DLC. But when it works, it’s a reminder of how great it is in Spidey’s world.

It’s begins with funnily enough a heist. Gameplay level, kicks things off with methodical stealth scenarios which are so satisfying in this game and it’s one of the aspects I love about this game. It’s easy to get back into Spider-Mans move set and from the first moment you break out into fight, which inevitably breaks out in the DLC-opening museum scenario and back with a bang I must say, it’s clear these enemies are as stronger than ones we had faced.

I really like how Insomniac Games try to switch things up from the get go with an engaging new crowd control objective, and that forced me to focus on specific enemies that cause the most problems and damage, while also taking on the larger horde.

DLC’s story missions main play style is stealth, and with a few chase sequences. There is a very quick playable Mary-Jane mission that I kinda felt didn’t fit in and I thought maybe playing a Black Cat mission would have been better to see her point of view and plus we get someone new to play. There is however, a insta-fail mission is relatively easy as, rather than using stealth takedowns, there’s the potentially cool idea to call on Black Cat to knock out foes, but I would have still like to have played as the Cat myself.

That Spider-Man mission at how a sidekick gameplay might work, she is simply an alternate takedown option, not a necessary one. I do love the fact that The Heist tries to add some twists to the established gameplay loops and adding on the gameplay style we already from the base game.I hope we get to see more those experiments grow in the next two DLC chapters.

The DLC instances you into a version of New York City where you only have to focus on its objectives, or collecting famous artworks etc along the way , I think they have done this to actually get you to play the story more and get more engrossed in the storyline which I kinda like because there was a lot to do and collect in the main game, however we do get a side tasks from the returning Screwball with taskmaster like challenges for us to complete and earn more challenge tokens.

Her EMP challenge missions are definitely better versions of Taskmaster’s drone chases. While her combat scenarios require you to defeat enemies in photo bomb areas to earn bonus points. It’s nothing revolutionary and again building on things from the base game, and I would have liked a few more, but they’re a welcome variation. She also has challenge to defeat enemies using only two gadgets. The idea i thought was great and actually helped me kinda use the gadgets more in combat and defeating enemies, but in execution it felt odd and frustrating as a one-off challenge. I feel they should have done a few more like this to see what other combo of gadgets work.

It’s roughly three-hour DLC really is on the story, in which Black Cat immediately makes an dramatic mark on this world and Spideys . Her history with Peter is awkward for him,but so much fun for her to exploit, and it makes it so fascinating for us to watch. Seeing how their connection informs Peter and Mary-Jane is as fantastic as the character work done in the main game.

What’s unfortunately lacking is the larger threat compared to the base game, which has been clearly saved for future DLC chapters, I feel it’s the first stepping stone in a bigger picture for the next Chapters of DLC’s. Black Cat more than justifies her moment in the spotlight for this chapter, she does kick ass and she is like how I remember from the 90’s TV show as well, but I would like to have seen a little more of the villainous side of things but it does softly touch upon this in the storyline twist.

The Heist definitely sets up a story and characters I am very excited to see more. It does however feel more like the start of something, something bigger. The character work is still hands down the best ever , and it left me wanting to see more. So I feel maybe it should have been just a little longer to keep it going more and that should have maybe made its own stamp on things, rather than relying on the next two chapters, however it’s a great first chapter to keep us hooked and linking the next chapters I feel will be fun. Should the upcoming Turf Wars and Silver Lining DLCs live up to what’s established in The Heist, with new gameplay ideas are intriguing or building on ones we have learned, and some other part frustrating to play, but we don’t get enough time to play them or put into practice long enough for them to make much of an impression.

But what I loved about Spider-Man, making the quick return to his world a brilliant one. 8/10

So what do you guys think? I also have a link to my twitch channel which has my gameplay through the DLC and it will contain spoilers


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