Full list PlayStation classic

Well here is the up date on the PlayStation classics and we finally get to look at the full list of the 20 pre loaded games. Now in my opinion there could have been better games like such classics as Tomb Raider or Spyro the kinda games that made the PlayStation don’t get me wrong I was happy with a Tekken game and Metal Gear Solid, I just thought there would be better range of games, but if you like the games then go for it, for me I am little disappointed. What do you guys think ? What games would you put on?

2 thoughts on “Full list PlayStation classic

  1. I don’t know is it me or do the 20 include dgames leave a blah taste in your mouth? I never liked GTA on the PS1, the top down view was terrible. Sure the first Persona game is included, but how about the dozens of great RPG’s and other classics that are missing. hmmm


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