Pick ups

So you may have gathered I love buying games, and at the moment PlayStation 1 games and I am really enjoy retro gaming, and most of the games I have never actually owned when I was younger or even played, but wanted to so I am super excited when I can get games I never played before and these games are some that you guys who follow on Twitter etc talk about and want me to try. So I was really excited to pick these up last week and give them a try I have tried Crash team racing so far and I love it as I really enjoyed Mario kart I am loving it at the moment and you can find my review on here in previous post. So I am very excited to have Spyro 2 gateway to glimmer as I never actually played the 2nd or 3rd games so I am super excited to be playing that as well. On our twitch page at the moment I am live streaming me playing through Spyro 2 blind and first time as well so you guys cheer and laugh at me all at the same time. https://m.twitch.tv/gamergeeksuk/profile link to our twitch channel and I have stored clips and videos for you guys to watch my Spyro action just in time for the remastered trilogy. Tekken 3 I never played the 2nd was always my favourite, because it was the only one I had as well and guys on twitter tell me it’s the best one in the fighting series so I wanted my own copy to try out. Crash bash a game I never really played or owned and I love Crash so I was very happy to get crash again to get to grips with mini games and I love the characters from the gaming series as well. So I have been busy and I am looking forward to being able to review them all and maybe even do some streams on my games as well, you will also notice I am trying to collect Black Label PlayStation1 games which means artwork on the disc plus I just love them as they are more appealing to look at I am sucker for good graphics/art work on covers too.

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