(Tomb Raider Level Editor)

Now you guys all know I am a big Tomb Raider fan, and I love the new games as well as the originals as well. Now my other half told me about this site called where fans of the games, have created their own levels using the level editor that is provided on the site and the editor was released alongside the fourth Tomb Raider game. This website is amazing its got lots of different themes and levels to choose from such as Greece levels to at the movies levels. I just wanted to let you guys know about it to give new levels a try and maybe even try and make your own levels for others to play, this is something I am considering doing myself. I also think its something that keeps the game a life a little as you can play different levels than we got with original games, don’t get me wrong some of the levels aren’t that good but most of them are really good to play, and also a little bit more challenging for us the players as well, because of them being designed by fans.

Below is just some quick gameplay footage from one the created levels from back to basics Greece, just to show you guys what some of the levels will look like a bit of insight into what you guys could be playing.


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