Overcooked 2 -Initial thoughts

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Well it was payday yesterday, and I wanted to give this game a go because
I saw it in MCM comic con Manchester, I loved the cartoon style graphics, and it just looked fun, and I just wanted a fun challenging game, this definitely is. Firstly, I have been playing on my own and it is hard, its a came meant for two players, it isn’t impossible to play on your own, but does help if you do have another player with you even if it’s just for chopping. I love that fact it’s a co-op game and I really miss playing Co-op games with my family so this was ideal, I am having so much fun and getting to grips with controls and throwing food etc. I love the quirkiness to this game and yelling at the TV when you fall off or your food doesn’t quite make it. I have been playing for a couple of hours now and really enjoying it, and it does get harder as you go and people may say it’s a kids game, well I don’t think it is. It’s fun for all the family, very easy controls and easy to pick up, definitely a game that would be good over the Christmas period as well to get everyone involved. So have you guys played this before let me know what you think in the comments, and also if you guys have any tips just let us know on here or follow us on twitter @gamergeeksuk

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