This week’s pick ups

So these are the games I have picked up this week and I am very excited, as Tekken 2 is basically my childhood and I loved this game as a kid, also I have played on it as well and forgot how hard it was, so I raged quit with frustration, but I still love the game I am a bit rusty I have played for like 15 years and very excited to pick this one up as well because as well as it’s black label and came with the demo disc as well.

The other two games I was glad I picked up as again both black label, and I prefer the black label game discs I just love colour, and the designs on them, I have also started to kind of collect black label games for the PlayStation 1, so I was happy to get these into my collection. The Lion King game I didn’t even know existed and I am huge Lion King fan as well, so I am looking forward to play this. Digimon I remember watching, and collecting the cards as a kid, and thoroughly enjoyed it as well even though Pokemon is my favourite I did like Digimon as well, and I am looking forward to playing this game as well.

Hopefully be able to do a few posts on all three games after I have spent a few hours on them ( I don’t rage quit again ). So I am looking forward do some videos and give some insight/ review on them as well.

What do you guys think of my pick ups ? Let us know in the comments or just tweet us @gamergeeksuk

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