Shadow of the Tomb Raider- Initial thoughts

So I have finally been able to play the new Tomb Raider and yes I was being good as I was going to wait till Christmas to buy this game, well that didn’t happen and I just couldn’t resist playing it and owning it.  Well I have played about a couple hours of it and I love it, I love that they have added more water elements than ever before, and actually going under water not just using the water to take cover from enemies.

Below are a few gameplay videos of myself playing through the early levels, and getting to grips with Lara again and her stealth takedowns etc, and using her bow again. I love the graphics they are brilliant and so far I am loving it, it’s exciting to watch the cutscenes as well. High octane action.

Below is again some more gameplay footage of myself being the Tomb Raider, solving puzzles and more classic climbing.

So I am really excited by what this game has to offer and I know its early days, but I am really enjoying it and hopefully be able to give you a full review soon, just thought the videos would help guys and gals who are unsure what the game is like etc. Enjoy.

Image result for shadow of the tomb raider



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